piacentine SPECIALTY

Our menu incorporates the finest traditional Piacenza cuisine. Pasta dishes of Grace are hand made using only the freshest and highest quality. Your orders are prepared daily according to your requests, packed and shipped to arrive within a few hours on your table.

Tortelli Piacenza with the tail, Anolini Piacentini, Pisarei e Faso "Sbriciolona" cake, and all our other home specialties from our kitchen.

tortelli piacentini all'ortica
sughi piacentini
torta sbrisolona piacentina

Fresh Pasta Piacentina

Piacentini Tortelli with spinach and ricotta

Piacentini Tortelli with nettle 

Piacentini Tortelli with coppa piacentina and Gutturnio (red wine)






Piacentini Sauces

Bean sauce for Pisarei and Faso

Mushroom Sauce

 Piacentini Sweet

Sbriciolona Cake

Almond biscuits

Biscuits caserecci

Donut biscuits 

Donut biscuits with chocolate drop

Homemade Chocolate cake

Homemade Apricot jam cake

Homemade Plum jam cake

Homemade berries Jam cake